There's certainly no shortage of activities available while staying at our Tropical Design Villas. The Manuel Antonio, Quepos area is well know for sport fishing as well as white water rafting, sea kayaking, dolhin watching, sunset cruise, horseback riding and guided tour of Manuel Antonio Park

Or, simply lie back on endless white sand beaches and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Convince yourself by looking at some magnificent images of the Manuel Antonio bay region... Click here


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Very close to our apartements, only 3 minutes away, you find the beautiful and large beach of Cocal. The beach is a very tranquil location, kilometers long until getting at Isla de Damas. Quepos is in a bay area that separates Quepos' beaches and future marina from Playa cocal. Playa Cocal is situated in the north of Quepos and you have to cross a small sea bay to get to it.

The beach itself is a long, straight piece of land that is not spoiled by the problems associated with heavily visited tourist locations.
With its tranquil beauty and the future coming of the marina in front of Quepos, the importance of Playa cocal as a tourist and resort destination, will only grow.

Only 7 kms away are the beaches of Manuel Antonio. When you first glimpse the sea from the hills above Manuel Antonio, the word 'paradise' might cross your mind. The lovely beaches here were made into a national park before they could be turned into another Acapulco.

The park of Manuel Antonio has four lovely beaches, each with its own personality: Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondido, and Playita.
The prettiest is Playa Manuel Antonio, a small scimitar of coral-white sand with a small coral reef. It's separated from Playa Espadilla Sur tipped by Punta Catedral, an erstwhile island now linked to the mainland. The hike to the top of Punta Catedral (100 meters) along a steep and sometimes muddy trail takes about an hour from Playa Espadilla Sur (also known as the Second Beach).
Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio offer tidal pools brimming with minnows and crayfish, plus good snorkeling, especially during dry season, when the water is generally clear.

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Climate and temperatures

The climate of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is unequivocally a tropical country, situated between 8° and 11° North latitude, fairly close to the equator. Although in the mountains above 2000 meters you get much cooler temperatures, the average annual temperature for most of the country lies between 21.7°C (71°F) and 27°C (81°F). The coolest months are from November through January, and the warmest from March through May. San José, the capital, where over a third of the population lives, stands at approximately 1170 meters altitude and has a mean annual temperature of 20.6°C (69°F).


The nation's climate is classically divided into two major seasons: rainy and dry. The dry season runs from January through May and the rainy season from May to November and December. On the Quepos - Pacific side of Costa Rica the rainy season begins in May and runs its course until November. Here again, days often begin sunny and pleasant, with rains coming later in the day. This is a period in which the trade winds coming from the north-east are much reduced in intensity, and as a result storms often come in from the Pacific Ocean in September and October.

In the northern half of the country the Pacific slope experiences an intense dry season, in which no rain may fall for several months. The whole Central Valley, in which the capital is situated, experiences a mild, pleasant dry season that is matched by moderate temperatures for most of the year, and a lower than average amount of rainfall.

The southern half of the Pacific slope is much wetter than its northern counterpart, with a shorter dry season and longer and heavier afternoon rains in the wet season.

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Tours & Activities


There's certainly no shortage of activities available while staying or living in the Quepos area.

The Manuel Antonio and Quepos area is well know for sport fishing as well as white water rafting, sea kayaking, dolphin watching, sunset cruises, horseback riding, zip lines, ATV tours and guided tours of Manuel Antonio Park.

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The Quepos/Manuel Antonio area boasts a wide variety of restaurants to satisfy any taste.
From world-class gourmet dining, to some of the freshest seafood you've ever eaten, to casual beach restaurants that feature great food and exceptional sunsets.

This list of recommended restaurants is just a sample of the many restaurants you will find here :


El Gran Escape
directly on the right side of the street when you are going out of Quepos. They will cook the fish you caught that day. Consistently good service and good food.


Café Milagro
is best for breakfast and coffee in the morning. Sandwiches available for lunch. Very good bakery and stateside newspapers. Dinner is now served at the Quepos location "El Patio".

the most popular restaurant in Manuel Antonio. Typical Costa Rican food. Great seafood.

  Bambu Jam
fusion French, tropical cuisine. Live music Friday nights.

good sushi, located In Quepos. You can also order from the El Gran Escape menu which is next door.


Si Como No
good food, also with good atmosphere. After dinner you can catch a current film in their private movie theatre.

  El Gato Negro
a white building about half a mile from the villas towards the National Park. Great Italian pasta.

  La Cantina
at Costa Verde Hotel - two restaurants, both outdoors with open fire grill.

Money & ATM


U.S. dollars are widely accepted and easy to convert to Costa Rican colones after you arrive, as long as your dollar bills are not worn, torn or marked. Bills larger than a U.S. 20 dollar note can be difficult to change. Currencies other than U.S. dollars or Costa Rican colones are not recommended at all. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, though Visa appears to be the preferred credit card, especially in Quepos. ATM's are the easiest way to get cash.
Larger villages and towns like Quepos and Manuel Antonio have ATM machines connected to the Star, Plus and Cirrus systems and dispense local currency. Your withdrawal gets deducted from your home account at the prevailing bank rate.

Money can be sent to Costa Rica via Western Union on the Web or from any Western Union Office. There is a Western Union office in Quepos, as well as many other locations throughout the country. Western Union's Quepos office is located at Remasas Quepos Del Oeste, 100 Meters West and 50 Meters North of the Banco National, phone (506) 777-1628. They will dispense funds in the local currency, Colones.

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